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Little Things you don't know about Momo.

Aug 11, 2021

The Groovy Granny behind Simply Magic

Being a grandma is one of the most rewarding relationships any woman could ever have. Seeing my grandchildren for the first time is like falling in love all over again and my affection towards them just grows stronger as days pass by. When my first grandchild was very little and was struggling to pronounce words, he called me “Momo” instead of grandma, and I thought it sounds cute and unique, so I decided to keep the nickname and be the best Momo to my little angels.

Enjoying a sumptuous meal has been my family’s ultimate form of bonding and I take pleasure in cooking for them. The smile on their faces whenever they eat my food warms my heart every single time. I am also a foodaholic who appreciates good food; pasta and pie never fail to satisfy my palate.

I love how each season showcases the city in a different way, but Fall has always been my favorite. The specks of gold, orange, and red and the rustling of leaves as the crisp fall air blows past my ears make everything look straight out of a fairytale. I also look forward to waking up to the sound of rain lightly pattering on my roof for it makes me feel at peace, like everything will be okay.

I am a fan of dogs, cows, and tractors. Yes, you read the last one correctly. For me, tractor signifies a good harvest. It helps me accomplish lots of tasks around the farm and for some reason, I like listening to the sound it makes. Every hue is beautiful and makes life more colorful, but I was never a fan of pink. On some days when I am grumpy, my husband always finds ways to make me laugh and lighten up my mood.


Life is not perfect, but my beautiful family and amazing friends make it magical for me. And they are the reason why Simply Magic was born.



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