Hi, my name is Dianna.

I am the founder of Momo's Secrets. Our first grandchild gave me the name Momo and the other grandkids have since followed suit. Grandparent / Grandchild relationship is like no other.  It is a wonderfully magical time full of life's lessons, most of which are unspoken. But none of which are forgotten.

When I was a child, my grandmother would create her own cleaning solutions made from herbs and wild plants we would forage together.  She would scrub the house from top to bottom using the natural cleaners and everything was not only spotless, but it also sparkled and smelled so fresh.

She taught me many valuable lessons, including one which always resonated with me; to think outside of the box
..... and so, I did

After spending a great amount of time, years, feeling dissatisfied with mainstream cleaning products; fed up with their false promises, frustrated by their harmful ingredient lists, and the horrible chemical smell they left in the air, I decided to put my grandmother's lesson to good use.

I needed and wanted a hardworking, multi-tasking product that would clean and deodorize most everything in one step.  One made from powerful plant derived ingredients, chemical free, and safe for my family to use, like I remembered using with my grandma.

Inspired by her, I created Simply Magic, the 100% natural all-purpose cleaner and deodorizer. 

Time passed and we decided to share it with everyone. A quality chemical free product you can rely on, a product everyone can use. Simply Magic gives you a nature based, one-step cleaning solution to make daily life easier, so that you have time to focus on the bigger things, your family, your friends, and life....

Here at Momo's Secrets, we believe in quality over quantity, reliability, giving joyously, and investing in families to improve their quality of life by providing helpful products, valuable educational information, and unprecedented service.
We believe our duties are to God, our Country, our Customers and Communities. We are committed to doing all that we can to make lives better.

From our family to yours,

Our Story

The truth is, the cleaning industry could use a bit of fixing. Too many brands add unnecessary ingredients or pump up the chemical potency to “one-up” the competition.

These approaches do not benefit you, your family, or your home in any way.

We believe you deserve the opposite. You deserve a clean, hardworking, natural way to clean and care for your family.

Momo’s Secrets is a woman-owned, family operated company. Simply Magic is formulated with four natural ingredients.  We use reusable and recyclable containers. We are transparent with our ingredients and processes. Each bottle is made in Texas, USA