Our Story

Hello, I'm Dianna, the founder of Momo's Secrets.

The endearing title "Momo" was given to me by my first grandchild, and the rest of my grandchildren have since adopted it. The bond between grandparents and grandchildren is truly unique—a magical time brimming with life lessons that, although go unspoken, stay with us for life.

I fondly remember times with my grandmother, like crafting cleaning solutions from herbs and wild plants we would gather together. She would scrub the house from top to bottom using the natural cleaning solution, and it would leave the most comforting freshness in the air. 

My grandmother imparted so many invaluable lessons, one of which has always stayed with me: the importance of thinking outside the box. 

Motivated by her wisdom, and after years of dissatisfaction with mainstream cleaning products—disillusioned by their false promises, disheartened by harmful ingredients, and repelled by the overpowering chemical odors they left behind—I decided to channel my grandmother's teachings into action.

Yearning for a versatile, hardworking product that could efficiently clean and deodorize, I set out to create something of my own. My vision was clear: a product made from potent plant-derived ingredients, free from harmful chemicals, and safe for my family to use—evoking the same sense of natural cleanliness I cherished from memories with my grandmother.

In homage to her inspiration, I proudly present Simply Magic, a 100% natural all-purpose cleaner and deodorizer.

The truth is, the cleaning industry could use a bit of fixing. Too many brands add unnecessary ingredients or pump up the chemical potency to “one-up” the competition.

These approaches do not benefit you, your family, or your home in any way.

We believe you deserve a safe, hardworking, natural way to clean and care for your family.

Momo’s Secrets is a female-owned, family operated company. Simply Magic is formulated with four natural ingredients. We use reusable and recyclable containers. We are transparent with our ingredients and processes. Each bottle is made in Texas, USA.

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