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Made with Love in the US

Domestically produced and manufactured in the US, Simply Magic is a family owned and operated business with transparency to our practices and standards.

Safe for your Entire Home

Simply Magic is safe to use around your home and does not contain bleach, parabens, sulfates, or harsh chemicals. The safety and health of our consumers is our top priority.

Powered by Plants

With a plant-powered formula, each bottle of Simply Magic is carefully created with a 100% natural formula, safer for you and the environment. Even our bottles are recyclable.

Formulated for Your Needs

You are at the center of everything we do. Through Simply Magic, we hope to play an important part of your daily routine in keeping your home clean and smelling fresh.


What Our Customers Are Saying?

Its a love at first use. My mahogany dining table is not the same, my wood desks has another tone, my windows, my bathroom, my house has another scent. Stick hands? Simply Magic will solve it too! A powerful and incredible experience. Momo, you will have a client forever! Thank you so much!

Rose Oliveira

I first used Simply Magic on my dining room table. The table is real wood and some of the knots in the wood were turning white & the wood was looking very dull. I sprayed the table and wiped it down. I couldn’t believe it but, it looks like a new table. I also clean all counter tops with it.

Marta Johanningmeier

I have used this on everything in my house to clean with and used as a room refresher! It is so clean smelling! I also used it to clean my stainless steel appliances and it left NO streaks!!!! Every other product I have used, even ones for stainless steel, has left streaks! This amazing product also got rid of a horrible shrimp smell in my trash can. And I’m not saying it masked it for a while, no simply magic killed the odor! MoMo sure has a great secret and I highly recommend this product!


I cleaned all counter tops with it. I sprayed all door knobs, cleaned the bathroom and sooo many more things. Now I don’t have to have different cleaners sitting around when (SIMPLY MAGIC) does it all. I would like to thank MoMo for sharing her Secret !!!!


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