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Difference Between Chemical-Based and Plant-Based Cleaning Products

Dec 16, 2022

Chemical-Based vs. Plant-Based Cleaning Products: The Rundown

You probably have seen countless advertisements on TV or YouTube announcing the launch of new products that promise effortless & effective home cleaning. But how many have come clean about the chemicals present in their products? Unfortunately, many modern cleaning solutions have ingredients that can be harmful to your home and the environment.

Today, we’ll help you make better decisions for your family and home. Here’s a quick rundown of the differences between chemical-based and plant-based cleaning products.

Chemical-Based Cleaning Products

Chemical-based cleaning products certainly do the job they are made for; they use chemical ingredients to rid your space of disease-causing germs. But some of these products also release toxins that can make you sick. Some chemicals even stick to the items they have cleaned. That is despite being rinsed or wiped after use. As a result, they can impact you and your family in all sorts of ways via touch, inhalation, and even ingestion.

Children at kitchen table coloring

Children are particularly vulnerable because of their small size and developing bodies. Compared to adults, they have a reduced ability to remove toxins from their bodies. They’re at a greater risk of being affected by these toxins over time.  

Note that some chemical cleaning products pose little risk to healthy adults. Still, that doesn’t mean they don’t contain ingredients that can harm the environment once they’re washed out of your household. And while some manufacturers argue that toxic ingredients in small amounts aren’t likely to be an issue, the problem lies in how they may build up in your home environment over time. There could be an ongoing “toxic load” right at your supposed haven.

Safer Choice Cleaning Products

When cleaning your home, the goal is to eliminate dirt and contaminants. But ironically, you may only end up replacing them with allergens and toxic elements. Thankfully, there are now alternatives to chemical-based cleaning solutions! Have you ever heard of Safer Choice?

Safer Choice products aren’t completely made from natural ingredients, but they pose a reduced health risk and are recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA.

To date, over 2,000 products have the EPA’s Safer Choice label. You have plenty of options to keep your home clean without putting your children and the environment at risk. Keep in mind, though, that these products are still chemical-based. ⚠️ Their key difference from harsh cleaning solutions is they’ve met the stringent standards for human & environmental safety.

Want a better alternative than chemical-based products, including those with a Safer Choice label? It’s time to consider natural cleaning solutions or plant-based cleaning products.

Plant-Based Cleaning Products

Natural cleaning solutions often include a combination of ingredients that you probably have in your kitchen, like vinegar, baking soda, or lemon juice. And they are as effective as conventional cleaning products. You can go the DIY route and create your own natural cleaning solutions using your kitchen staples. For instance, you can clean mirrors and windows with diluted vinegar and newspaper. Vinegar works for cleaning toilet bowls, too. And if you want a quick multi-purpose cleaner, you can mix vinegar, water & essential oils.

There’s also a growing number of plant-based cleaning products on the market today. If you don’t have time or don’t feel confident making DIY cleaning solutions, give these plant-based products a try. They’ll keep your home clean and kill germs without putting your family at risk.

Try Simply Magic from Momo’s Secrets Today

At Momo’s Secrets, we take pride in our plant-powered cleaning formula. It’s called Simply Magic. We’ve carefully created it using only four natural ingredients, making it safe for you and the environment. It doesn’t contain parabens, bleach, sulfates, synthetics, preservatives or other harsh chemicals. 

Simply Magic is a multi-purpose cleaner. It cleans and deodorizes your home in one spray. You can use it to remove dirt, dust, grease, and sticky fingerprints on different surfaces. It doesn’t leave a residue—it only leaves the surface sparkling and the air with a fresh, clean scent! 

Unlike other brands that add unnecessary ingredients or boost their products’ chemical potency to beat the competition, Momo’s Secrets does the opposite. We believe that sticking to fewer natural ingredients means our clients can clean and care for their families safer.

Switch to the world of natural, plant-powered cleaning. Shop Simply Magic today.


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