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5 Environmentally Friendly Ways to Clean Your Kitchen

Dec 04, 2022

Green cleaning is the most effective way to keep your kitchen spotless, safe, and protected from harmful toxins, grime, and germs.

Keeping the kitchen clean is an on-going task. Dirt, grime, dust, and bacteria can easily populate the kitchen area which can result in infections and diseases. Most households are used to cleaning their homes with chemical-based products with a persuasive promise from the product company to eradicate almost 100% of bacteria. It is tempting, but what will it cost you and your family if you keep using them?

Family sitting kitchen floor exhausted from cleaning with chemicals

These non-clean (Clean vs Disinfect... we will look deeper into this in another blog) products are composed of harmful toxins and when you use them to clean your kitchen surfaces and other stuff in the kitchen, there will be chemical residue left behind. It can be easily absorbed by the skin, inhaled into lungs, or worse, it can go with the food you are preparing and consuming.

 This is why going green with your cleaning routine is the best way to protect the people you love. Using chemical-free products is highly important to keep unwanted health problems at bay. After all, your kitchen is where you store, prepare and eat your food.

With that said, natural cleaning products also help reduce carbon footprint. Looking for environmentally friendly ways to clean your kitchen is the best approach for your loved ones and the environment.

Let’s take a look at these 5 environmentally friendly ways you can clean your kitchen.

  1.  Make Use of Vinegar

In a pinch, look no further than your pantry. Vinegar is great for removing grime and food residue in your microwave,  grease from oven glass doors, wipe up spills on countertops,  sparkles faucets,  cleans showers and tubs, toilets, dishwasher, appliances, and even use in laundry. Note: Never use vinegar on natural stone; i.e... granite

Vinegar is one of the most powerful and safest ingredients you can find sitting right in your kitchen cupboard as a cleaning solution. Known for cooking, this natural ingredient is made from acetic acid and makes a great cleaner.

This colorless compound can easily dissolve grime, dirt, grease, and mineral deposit.

You can mask the smell using essential oils like lavender, lemon, or peppermint. Put the mixture in a spray bottle for ease of use.

      2. Make Use of Baking Soda

Perhaps, you have already heard a lot about the powers of baking soda as a cleaning solution. If you haven’t tried it yet, this is the time to stock your cupboards. More than just a simple baking ingredient, baking soda can loosen stuck-on gunk without damaging your surfaces.

Remove grease easily without using chemical-based cleaning solutions. You can scrub the shower with it using a wet microfiber cloth, clean the walls and the floor, keep bathrooms stain and odor-free, and even unclog kitchen drains.

      3. Use a Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

If you want a more convenient way to naturally clean your kitchen, the highly recommended non-toxic cleaning solution is Simply Magic Multi-Purpose Cleaner. It is made purely with all-natural essential oils and botanical ingredients that effectively deal with all kinds of dirt and grime. It contains zero chemicals, no preservatives, and even zero water.

Simply Magic is a perfect solution to deodorize while keeping your entire home perfectly spotless and germ free. This plant-powered formula is carefully created using environmentally friendly ingredients.

      4Get more plants in your kitchen.

Did you know that one of the natural cleaners of our environment is plants? They offer us cleaner air to breathe and if you are one of the households who are used to aerosol sprays and harsh chemical candles to make your kitchen smell good, it is time for you to ditch those items.

Add more plants to your kitchen. They won’t just add an aesthetically pleasing touch to the entire room, but will also provide you with that organic fresh scent that can help reduce stress, anxiety, and unwanted negative energies.

      5Use limes or lemon to clean counter

The citric acid in limes and lemons is antiseptic and antibacterial. If you have already squeezed out the juice, use the used part with excess juice in it to scrub the counter. It can also remove rust, molds, mildew, germs, and stains.



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