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Hi, my name is Dianna.

I am the founder and (grand) mother of Momo’s Secrets. It seems to be a tradition in a lot of families, that the first grandchild will name the grandparents.

Well, in our family, our first grandchild gave me the name “Momo”. It stuck and now, all my grandchildren call me Momo. I have the most beautiful childhood memories of spending time with my grandmother and of the many life lessons she taught me. I want to give my grandchildren the same.

So together, we play, cook, pray, and even work. One valuable skill my grandmother taught me was to “Think out of the box” …. To know that if something was not working as it should for me, then I should find a solution that would work. “If you don’t like the way it is, do something yourself to make it better,” she always said. And, because of her teaching me this, I got busy one day.

I needed, for myself, a hardworking, multi-tasking product that would clean and deodorize most everything in one step. I wanted one made from powerful plant derived ingredients like I remembered using with my grandma. It would need to have quality ingredients (which were easily pronounced), powerful without harsh chemicals and not watered down. A product that was handy, easy to use. Foolproof enough to hand to the hubby and say “go”, or to the teenager and off to “clean your room”.

Time passed and I decided to give the formula a name and share it with everyone. I mean, really, who doesn’t need this powerful, yet simple multi-purpose cleaner. A quality product they can rely on, a product everyone can use in and around their homes to make their daily lives easier.

Wa-La…. Simply Magic was Born!!!

Why Simply Magic

The truth is, the cleaning industry could use a bit of fixing. Too many brands add unnecessary ingredients or pump up the chemical potency to “one-up” the competition.

These approaches do not benefit you, your family, or your home in any way.

We believe you deserve the opposite. You deserve a clean, hardworking, natural way to clean and care for your family.

Momo’s Secrets is a family-owned company. Simply Magic is formulated with four (4) natural ingredients, and we use recyclable containers. We are transparent with our ingredients and processes. Each bottle is made with love in the great State of Texas.