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Beginners Guide to Natural, Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Nov 03, 2022

Planning to switch to natural, eco-friendly cleaning products. Here’s a beginner’s guide to natural cleaning products to help with your transition.

A Beginner's Guide to Natural, Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Cleaning is an essential part of our lives. We have to clean ourselves, wash dishes, and disinfect our bathrooms. And for each cleaning task, we usually use tons of products filled with ingredients and names so long & complicated that we truly have no idea what they are.

 It’s no secret that chemical-based cleaning products contain ingredients that can harm your family and the environment. So if you’re planning to switch to natural, eco-friendly cleaning products, we admire you! That’s a vital first step to keeping your family and home clean and safe. Here’s a beginner’s guide to natural cleaning products to help with your transition.

Read ingredient labels carefully

Don’t fall for buzz terms like “non-toxic” or “eco-friendly” on product labels. Some brands would advertise certain ingredients that aren’t in their products, but they do without providing more information. They merely replaced the known harmful ingredient with something equally as bad—a toxic chemical that consumers aren’t aware of at the moment.

 So if you’re shopping for new cleaning products, read the ingredient labels carefully. You may not find bleach, ammonia, and other familiar chemical ingredients there, but watch out for anything with fragrance. Companies aren’t required to disclose the actual makeup of fragrances in their labels. However, many fragrances are mostly derived from chemicals. On the other hand, plant-based products that derive their fragrances from essential oils are safe.

Start with one natural cleaning product at a time

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the posts you’ve read about chemical cleaning products? You may feel scared or anxious about the cleaning solutions in your cabinet, but don’t throw all of them out at once. You don’t want to wake up one day needing to clean up an emergency mess but don’t have any cleaning supplies. Take the transition slowly instead.

 Start with replacing one conventional cleaning product with a plant-based one. Choose the product that you use the most. Is there one cleaner that your kids come into the most contact with? Is it the multi-purpose cleaner you use in the kitchen? You can swap that for Simply Magic. Manufactured here at Momo’s Secrets, Simply Magic is a plant-based multi-purpose product that cleans and deodorizes multiple surfaces & areas in your home.

Invest in cleaning products & tools you can reuse

Taking an eco-friendly approach to home cleaning involves reducing your waste, too. So look at your pantry or storage for cleaning tools & products. Is there anything that can be replaced with something reusable? Some great examples are paper towels and sponges.

 You can replace sponges and paper towels with Swedish dishcloths. These dishcloths are spongy towels that are super absorbent and reusable. And Another choice is Scrub and Throw https://www.scrubandthrow.com, big scrubbing power with a small footprint. Zero Ick. Zero Guilt. They come 30 in a box, wet one, use it for all cleaning needs and toss at the end of the day. Biodegradable. Here are two of the best eco-friendly cleaning tools for modern homes. One of my favorites for everyday messes is Micro fiber cloths. They are washable, reusable, and work for multiple task.

Be mindful of packaging

Want another way to reduce your waste when cleaning? Be mindful of packaging. For instance, laundry detergents often come in huge plastic containers. If they aren’t recycled or upcycled, these plastic containers will likely take 400 years to decompose in landfills.

 Instead of using liquid detergents, switch to laundry strips. Laundry strips can make each load eco-friendly, as they’re simply strips of paper packed with cleaning agents. The strips easily dissolve in the wash cycle. And these strips often come in biodegradable boxes.

 In addition, when shopping for natural cleaning products, choose those with equally eco-friendly packaging. Our Simply Magic, for instance, comes in 100% recyclable bottles. And we offer refills so you can reuse your Simply Magic spray bottles dozens of times.

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Dianna Wacasey

This beginner’s guide is great! It’s a natural way to clean and stay eco-friendly, but it can also save some hard-earned cash! I appreciate getting the information about the types of products available, and the cost-effective benefits it can bring. Plus, it’s so nice to know that I’m now more cognizant of how to keep my home healthy while being kind to the environment. Thanks for this helpful article!


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